How to Promote a New Photo Booth Business

One of the exciting challenges when it comes to opening a new business like a photo booth hire is generating clients and customers.  Thus, most new businesses create lots of fanfare to gain interest and attention.  But not all businesses have the resources to generate big bang ideas.  Due to budget constraints, some businessmen are just contented with waiting for the first customer to come in.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  One has to start somewhere to gain more customers each day. The question is where to really start?

  1. Family and friends are the usual initial customers when you have a business like aphoto booth hire.  As your family and friends, they will naturally support your business endeavors. And in order to expand your customer base from this group of people is to offer good results.  Just because they are your family and friends, you will do your work haphasardly.  One thing is sure though, these people will not be ashamed to recommend you to their other friends as well.  That is, if you can deliver quality photos and other related services.
  2. Your neighborhood is another potential source of initial customers.  There are several ways to promote your business to such people.  One is to send fliers and the other is to go on door to door campaign and highlight one of the most interesting benefits of having a friendly neighborhood business which is an easy access to photo booth service at all times.  Your neighbor will be delighted that they do not have to scour other places to hire photo booth experts as part of their celebrations. Of course, you have to give these people excellent photos and other value added services on the sides so that they will recommend you to their bosses and office associates.
  3. Use snowballing effect.  In research, it is a survey method where the researcher asks a respondent to recommend other respondents.  In the case of a photo booth business, you can call or visit people recommended by your family, friends, and neighbors and offer your photo booth services.  If they are not interested yet at the time of visit or call, you can ask if they know who will celebrate upcoming parties and celebrations and offer your services.  When you do, do not forget to bring your portfolio to impress these people so they will have no doubts and hire your services instantly.
  4. Encourage people to try your photo booth for free and have them look at their pictures from the camera.  If they are interested to have a hard copy, offer them a friendly rate together with your business card.  As the saying goes, the proof the pudding is in the eating.  This way, you let people experience how good you are when it comes to taking pictures.

If you have new photo booth hire business, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money to generate customers.  The above ideas have shown you that with the right people and connection, you can generate customers; just make sure that you will not fail them when it comes to quality of photos captured.


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