Viral Photo: Mother Places a Leash on Her Child

Filipino netizens are once again busy with new viral photo and this time no longer involved politicians and celebrity. Filipinos found a photo where a mother tied a leash around her son posing like a dog.  This photo was posted on Facebook.  It immediately caught fire and has already been shared more than 4,000 times and with more than 5,000 comments which were mostly angry towards the mother. 
Now, when you look at the comments, you will find that there are individuals who found nothing wrong with the picture and presumed that it was just fun time for both mother and child.

Mother Places a Leash on Her Child
Is it really a fun picture?  Personally, this is not the first time that this kind of incident occurred.  Probably, there are many fun moments in the family which other people might find offensive but the family did not. For example, it has been part of many families to teach toddlers to answer the question “what’s the problem of your papa?” and the child will act by pointing pressing his point finger to the other palm suggesting sexual intercourse.  This is indeed funny, but when you post this moment on social network, it divides the whole citizenry. 

Image taken from Facebook
What does this mean?  Is there a dichotomy of principles and morals
involved here?  Apparently, the message in this “mother treats child like a dog” situation is that since it is a family fun time, it should be left that way; there should be no evidence of this perceived child abuse.  One netizen commented
that some people were quick to judge based on a single photo alone and will not
bother to find the real context of the picture. 
For some, this might be a simple case of being politically correct; thus, the accusation of child exploitation.  However, one should always try to see the whole she bang at a different angle. This is no different on other perceived child abuse situations in different parts of the world, in particular where the child works to help the family.  Rich nations frown on this situation, yet many citizens of rich nations do not bother to help the child and the family.  This is no different from instances where parents use spanking to or perform hand me down discipline practices which are perceived to be violent in the western world but culturally correct in some countries. 
Yes, the Department of Social Welfare and Development is correct to look into this matter.  There are lingering or more serious issues involved here.  Some possibilities may include the following; the mother might have a mental illness, a neighbor with a grudge decided to capture the image as a revenge to the family, or it could be part of tantrum coming from the child.  The possibilities are endless and it is not right to judge quickly.  Perhaps, like medical doctors do, DSWD should find the root problem of this situation and prescribe corresponding actions; not just to find guilt or wrongdoing.  This might be a case of maternal or child rearing stress on her part and it should be acted accordingly; not to make her liable but understand her psyche as possibly she is not alone doing this kind of thing.  
Originally posted on on 5/26/2015

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