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How to Hang Pictures Effectively

Any picture hanging professionals or experts would say that if you are having easy time with hanging pictures at homes or in offices, you are probably doing it the wrong way.  There is more to finding the right pictures when it comes to home decorations.  A lot of people would agree that it is enough that the walls are not bare and onlookers have something to look at beautifully. There are certain rules that must be observed when one decorates walls with pictures or artworks.  Here are some of the rules or tips that will help you deal with it.

  1. You must consider the type of wall you have at home or in the office.  This will determine the type of nails, screws, hooks, and other accessories you will use in order to hang pictures.  Each type of accessory complements certain types of walls. Hooks, for one is easy to manage if the wall is made of wood while special types of nails work best with plaster walls.
  2. Measure first space and frames.  This way, you can arrange the pictures very easily.  Drawing a pattern will help you actualise how the pictures will look like after all hanging accessories are nailed or screwed to the wall and pictures are already hang.
  3. Be sensitive with room size.  One does not hang pictures without minding the room size or wall size for that matter.  Large picture frames tend not to look good in small rooms or wall spaces.  In the same manner, it is really awkward to use small picture frames if walls are large enough to accommodate life size pictures.
  4. It must be seen at eye level.  In merchandising principles, point of purchase materials should be easily seen and appreciated by buyers.  The same holds true with picture frames and artworks.  People should be able to see the picture without stooping down or craning their neck upwards.  It should be easy for people to inspect details of your pictures or artworks.
  5. Choose your pictures very carefully.  The pictures that one hangs in houses or offices speak of the kind of people who live or work in such a place.  The personality of the structure owner is reflected with the kind of images that people see not only in pictures but other home decors as well.  If you do not want to be misinterpreted and gossiped about, then choose your pictures wisely.
  6. Use solid materials only.  Using inferior products like cheap wood or products that did not pass quality standards as well as recycling damaged items is not recommended.  In days ahead, substandard qualities of the materials used will show and it will not look good together with your pictures.  Who wants to see picture frames with faded colored frames? Who wants to admire pictures with rusty wires?  No one.

As a general rule in hanging pictures, all pieces of artworks or framed images should connect together.  There should be a common denominator if you have several pictures hanging in the wall. All of the above ideas will benefit from this general rule when it comes to picture hanging.