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What DNA Testing Cannot Help You with

DNA testing is a forensic process which helps identify profiles with respect to their genetic or DNA imprints.  It has become so popular that it is also used to solve crimes, find proof of paternity, utilised for immigration purposes, and for other family and clan concerns.  However, not everything there is can be solved by DNA profiling. Neither can it help you on all genetic and paternity matters including the following:

  1. Receive Financial Support Immediately.  When one seeks paternity tests to prove fatherhood and demand financial support, genetic testing can help gather evidence but it cannot compel the affected individual to voluntarily give in to the demand.  It is highly probable that the father will run away and hide just to avoid and evade financial support for the child.
  2. Immediate Acceptance and Recognition into the Family Circle.  Genetic profiling may help one trace his or her roots.  It can reveal so many things about family connections as well.  However, it is not always that the supposed relatives and family members will warmly welcome additional family members of the clan.  It takes time to gain the confidence of these people and to prove that you are not after their money or connections.
  3. Attain Absolute Peace Of Mind.  Some people claim that the reason they want paternity testing is just to know that they have a father; as such, they will attain peace of mind.  This is not the case always; in fact it can generate more questions.  One will ask how come he or she is abandoned or not recognised.  How come the mother is not excited to let the kid know about the father?  DNA profiling is like opening a Pandora’s Box.
  4. Respect from Other People Because of Affinity.  Just because your genetic codes have proven that you are connected with the Kennedys, Rothschild, and other important historical figure, people will accord the same respect for you.  No, it won’t and you won’t unless you work and earn it of course.  Even in the royalty of Europe, some of their famous members are not treated with respect befitting their situation as a royalty.  This is because they have caused more damaging activities instead of respectable deeds.
  5. Give Protection and Security.  The truth is, when people find out that you have famous people connection due to genetics; it is more of a threat than security.  One will be vulnerable to become a kidnapped victim, or revenge and blood settlement, as well as other high profile crimes.  Thus, it is not a guarantee that one can still roam around the city day and night without threats to security.
  6. Will Not Give You Instant Popularity.  Paparazzi will not hound you immediately once they know that you are a member of a prominent family.  Instead, they will find skeletons in your closet and instead of popularity, you will gain notoriety.

Thus, DNA testing is not a guarantee that you will be financially secured, will have peaceful and secured existence, and more loving relatives.  At times, the opposite is achieved and you will then wish that you were able to hide the genetic connection.