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4 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Makeup Artist Seriously

Makeup artist, Brisbane, Sydney, and other parts of Australia are human beings too.  Therefore, just like you and the rest of the people in the world, they have feelings as well.  They can make you laugh, cry, and hurt.  Naturally, as one of the service providers during most important occasions like weddings, some people do not treat them well.  Some people have a certain air of superiority and treat makeup artists with a snobbish attitude.  It is of little wonder why some of these service providers get back at their clients.  Here’s how makeup artists can get back at their clients.

1. Funny makeup. Here are possibilities in relation to this reason: uneven foundation on either or both cheeks, uneven eyebrow, “panda” like eyes, and of course using low quality products that will ruin the makeup by just a single sweat.  Thus, be polite when you want to demand something or when you want them to improve your makeup.  Yelling and screaming at them will make them nervous and even when there is no malicious intention to ruin your make up, just the same they may due to an unstable hand movement caused by nervousness or tensed hands.

2. Spread nasty gossip. The right way to stop people from talking behind your back is to be good to them. Thus, giving them food and water, free accommodation, and even providing higher tips will make makeup artists totally enamored to you. Thus, the next time you engage their services for future occasions, you will get the topmost priority.  But when you do the exact opposite otherwise, expect that you will have a hard time getting even the most inferior makeup artist around.  They just don’t want to face your arrogance.

3. Steal from you. When no one is looking around and you don’t show them the kind of respect that should be afforded to people and even treat them like slaves; surely, they will do more than ruining your face.  They will pocket something that is easy to slip and you will not notice it. A lot of things can happen just to get back at you.  At its worst, you may find yourself without a groom as the makeup artist already seduced her or his way and runaway with your groom.

3. Walkout and leave you in your most natural state. Yes, when you do not treat people well, they can easily walk out and be damned with the contract of service.  You can sue them to your heart’s delight but knowing how unpretty you look during your wedding or any other occasion is one good reason enough to pay penalties of walking out. Remember that they are not yours for keeping or exclusively. Before you, they have customers who probably paid them well and treated them better.  Why should they agonize over you, right?

We all know that some people are capable of murder; makeup artist, Brisbane and anywhere else are not exempted from these possibilities.  Thus, before one thinks of breaking your neck, avoid it by treating service providers seriously.