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4 Advantages of Wearing Medical Scrubs That You May Not be Aware Of

Nursing and medical uniforms have changed.  For doctors, they are no longer wearing coat and tie to their workplace but instead wear the most comfortable medical scrubs they can buy.  As for nurses, not many female ones are constantly wearing their traditional uniform; white blouse and skirt with white cap.  Nurses at these times prefer to wear nursing scrubs since it is most comfortable for them. There are some intrinsic reasons why the medical world prefers these kinds of working clothes instead of the traditional ones.

Low Maintenance Factor

It cannot be denied that scrubs are easy to maintain.  It does not need special cleaning solutions to make it stiffer.  The only thing that is required is to sanitise it so germs, bacteria, and viruses embedded during work time will be removed and scrubs will remain hygienic always.  In addition, one does not need to accessorize it in order to look dignified. A stethoscope hanging around the neck and a pen is enough for patients to recognize you either as a nurse or as a doctor.

Lots of Savings Factor

Because it is low maintenance, laundry, acquisition, and maintenance cost is also low.  There are different brands which are both affordable and durable.  When you want to wash it, all you need to do is set it with hot water first before applying detergent and sanitizing solutions.  You do not need to starch it to make it stiff for you to look very formal and professional in it. There are no special washing requirements like using a specific kind of brush and detergents or other cleaning solutions.  You can easily slip into it; thus, you can wear it with ease during emergency situations and rush hour period during your shifts.  So, it saves you time, money, and lots of uncomfortable situations.

Leaves You More Accessible

Because you are not wearing your traditional uniform, there is a higher tendency that patients will be more relaxed with you.  This is why paediatric nurses wear Disney character printed scrubs so that children will feel comfortable while the nurse is attending for them.  Other patients feels like talking to a friend or neighbor because of the informality of the scrubs.  They see you in clothes that they themselves feel comfortable wearing.

It Still Gives the Same Differentiation Factor

Even though people were used to seeing nurses and doctors in their traditional uniforms, the sight of these people in different scrub suits do not diminish the respect that conventional uniforms give to the medical profession.  Patients are still aware who are the doctors, nurses, and other medical employees by virtue of colors of scrubs or by the accessories hanging around the scrubs.  People and patients are still glad that only the uniforms have changed but not the medical care they deserve.

For as long as it is germ free and comfortable, there won’t be issues with nurses and doctors wearing medical scrubs as their alternative uniforms.