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4 Tips on How to Make Your Toddler Child Physically Active

It is highly recommended for toddlers to be physically active for a few hours in a day.  This way, it will help them achieve balance in terms of weight and also find time to discover the things around them and about themselves.  It is also one way of giving them the desired independence they want.  However, there are some factors to consider when you want your child to be exposed with different toddler activities. Here are some tips on how to choose activities for them:

  1. First and foremost is that you have to know if the activity is toddler safe.  Find out if the game requires them to tackle bite sized toys which are definitely harmful for children.  Another thing to consider with regards to safety is that the activities involved should be appropriate to their age.  It will be frustrating for them if the activity is not suitable for their age level.
  2. Second, is that some physical activities that toddlers engage should require them to socialize with other children.  It is important that at a tender age, toddlers know how to engage with children not only of the same age but with kids whose ages are near from theirs.  This way, the child begins to develop social interaction and value the importance of other people in their lives.
  3. There are many different kinds of toddler activities and you should not forget that some have different purpose in mind.  Some are for intellectual stimulation and others are for social engagement but always see to it that whatever the activities’ purpose, it should never take the fun side of the activity.  It is your duty as a parent to provide toddlers with activities that will generate interest instead of insisting what you want to do for them.
  4. Do not forget simple activities that do not only encourage physical activity but also be conscious of their surroundings and learn something new each day such as:
    1. Walk in the neighbourhood, this is not only healthy for kids but also for parents.
    2. Go biking with them, the house is not only their world.  The neighbourhood is part of their world and biking with them explaining what to do and what not to do is one way to develop safety and security for toddlers.
    3. Flying a kite will expose toddlers. It does not only involve running, walking, jumping, and climbing.  You help them get exposed with one form of physical activity that do not require much energy but helps them relax too.

Remember that children have different levels of learning and development.  Your toddler child may not be physically active the way you want them to due to some limitations like health and physical formation.  In this situation, you have to be very careful when exposing them to different toddler activities.

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