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Waiting For Marriage: Truths and Myths

Are you longing for someone to spend the rest of your life with? Have you already found that someone but is not yet ready for marriage? Maybe you’re not even contemplating marriage with anyone at all? If your status can be categorized on any one of these three, here are reasons which will break myths and encourage truths about why waiting for marriage is necessary based on specific scenarios.

When looking for someone to get married with, these are two principles on why waiting for marriage is a better choice for you:

  • Marriage is not an end.

As they say, life is a journey, not a destination. The same rule applies to marriage. If you exert unnecessary efforts in finding someone to marry, tendencies are you may skip certain stages in life which are also important. Enjoy every moment in life because you don’t get to experience it again. While single, focus on career development as you enjoy the company of friends and family.

  • Marriage is not an excuse.

Waiting for marriage in this point means dealing with personal issues like family problems or financial distress rather than marrying. It will be unfair for the person you will marry and you end becoming less of a person. You become dependent on something else for all insecurities.

Family trouble can be dealt with communication or a support system. The whole family may benefit from counselling or police and social work intervention if needed. As for money matters, assistance can be extended by specific government agencies and financial institutions to you and your family. Help yourself as well by finding jobs which suits your skills and abilities.

When you’re waiting for marriage because you believe that you’re not yet ready for it, these are pointers which will back you up:

  • Divorce cases

There is no perfect marriage but based on studies, most divorced couples stem out of marriages which were prematurely done. They may have been too young or financially and emotionally unstable yet prior to exchanging wedding vows. True, you can still remarry after a divorce but the cost overpowers the gain. Imagine the legal battle which will affect everyone attached to both of you emotionally and financially.

  • The family as a unit of society

Marrying for the wrong reasons such as for financial gain is getting popular. Yet it becomes an unpopular practice as soon as its effect on everyone affected becomes obvious. Disagreements, divorce, depression; these affects all people associated to both parties.

The family is the smallest unit of a society. You contribute to the state by dealing with your immediate family issues first. Although there is no perfect family, if it is built out of love and not for anything else because it will show.

When you are not even waiting for marriage at all due to fears, doubts, or other pre-existing opinions on marriage, read on for two truths you can ponder upon:

  • The bachelor eventually chooses a potential wife.

Whether you watch this T.V. series or not; a bachelor does not remain to be one forever. Even if you live a fast paced life where a relationship seems to have no room, marriage eventually rearranges everything in your life to give it an orderly status.

  • Two is better than one.

This adage applies to marriage as well. You cannot keep on partying and engaging in empty sex till old age. It is grotesque and you end up lonely. Companionship with a loved husband or wife when senile is the best retirement benefit there is.


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