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Which Type of Bra to Wear for Different Occasions and Situations

One of the problems when you want to dress right in every occasion you intend to attend is wearing the right kind of dress, accessories, and intimate apparels like bras.  Oh yes! There are lots of which to choose, from Berlei Barely There bras to more popular ones like Triumph bras.  However, any woman can become conscious about which one to wear or buy if her closet does not have the most appropriate bra to wear in different types of occasions and situations.  A list of suggestion is therefore important.  Below are some ideas when it comes to wearing appropriate and right bras.


The size of the bra can make a big difference.  When one wears a pair of bra which is not quite right in terms of fit, rest assured that the difference will be visible.  For example, big breasted women who would want to wear a teen size bra will show shrugging shoulders, small breasted women trying to enhance their size and wears large sized bras will find themselves having the bulge without the cleavage and women who wants to parade their mammary equipment yet wearing tiny yellow polka dot bikini bras will find themselves vulnerable to smirks, quirks, and a quick laugh.


Some women are sensitive when some males tend to be breast fixated.  And the reason men are staring at their breasts is that they wear a black bra underneath a flimsy and revealing blouse.  Of course, it is natural for men to stare at something which is visibly erotic. Try going braless when you wear a revealing blouse, there is a high chance that the male population will be interested and aroused with what is inside the blouse and the bra.  The point is that this intimate piece of lingerie should not be a source of temptation and seduction in usual normal activities like riding in an automated transit system, sipping a cup of coffee in a café, or just simply acting as a staff, employee or personal assistant in a company.


The reason why women have several types of bras in their closet is that they should have the right kind of bra to suit different kinds of purpose.  For example, they might not be able to own a lace bra for seduction purpose, but they may possess a colorful bra that is hormone inducing for their male partner.  Seduction is not confined in the bedroom; in fact, a woman can seduce someone in parks, elevators, kitchen, bathroom or other places.  A woman just needs to know which right bra is ideal for seducing a partner in different types of situations.  Another example is that how do you convince a male partner when he is too tired and weary?

You might have owned or will want to buy Berlei Barely There bra, but the question is; are you up to challenge when it comes to selecting different kinds of bra? Yes, indeed, personal ego, pride, and recognition does also matter when it comes to choosing the right kind of bra for you.