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Tips on Buying Cashmere Clothing Online

By Natasha Howells

How many pieces of cashmere do you have in your wardrobe? Maybe you have a cashmere scarf or some cashmere cardigans; perhaps you have even given cashmere scarves as gifts. However most women don’t have any cashmere but now there is no reason not to own some cashmere clothing. Cashmere clothing comes in all price points, styles, colors and is easy to take care of. Wearing cashmere will make you look and feel your best.

These days many stores, both on-line shops and brick and mortar stores, are carrying designer cashmere in their ready to wear sections and women are buying it for everyday wear. Did you know you can find cashmere dresses, cashmere shorts or a cashmere tunic? All of these can be found in great styles. Cashmere tops come in scoop neck, turtleneck, v-neck and henley styles. They are not just in solid colors either. You can get fun stripes, feminine florals and the usual basic solid colors.

For the ultimate in comfort, you should try some luxury cashmere shorts or pants. They are perfect for a day out shopping or lounging around the house. Paired with a cashmere top, you will feel like you have never felt better! You can easily dress these up or down. Wear your pants to the office with a classy top or wear them with a hoodie while you hang out around the house with your family.

For a great treat, buy yourself some cashmere skirts or dresses in a color or print that suits your style. The cashmere body of the dress will feel sensational against your body and you will feel amazing wearing it. The fabric drapes nicely over your body and long cashmere skirt will give the allusion of long legs. A great outfit will always give you a boost of confidence.

Cashmere shrugs are perfect for summertime if you work in an air conditioned building which you find a bit too cool at times. It’s small enough to keep in your desk or hand bag and will keep you warm in just the right areas without adding bulk. Chose a basic color that will go with the majority of your clothes for the maximum in versatility. Cashmere stoles or a cashmere vest are also great for layering when it is cool inside or during the winter. The fibers in cashmere will keep you just as warm as your old wool sweater from Aunt Bertha, but without the bulk or the funny color.

While cashmere can be taken to the dry cleaners, for most women, it would be easier to spend a few minutes hand washing it with a mild detergent at home rather than exposing it to harsh chemicals at the cleaners. Just place your garment into a large bowl, add mild detergent (one that is appropriate for cashmere), fill the bowl with lukewarm water and let sit for 20 minutes. Squeeze the soap suds through the garment and rinse with more water. Gently press the water out and lay it out on a flat surface to dry flat. It’s not difficult and it will keep your cashmere garment in tip top condition for years.

There are hundreds of options for buying cashmere clothes which won’t break the bank. When you buy cashmere online you can chose from a variety of cashmere clothes that will make you look and feel gorgeous!

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