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How to Avoid Showing Dirty Carpets in the Yard

There is an old saying about displaying dirty linens in public; figuratively it simply means revealing dirty secrets to others.  With dirty carpets displayed in the yard, it can also reveal something about carpet cleaning activities inside your homes.  The only situation where really dirty carpets are displayed is when the whole house is damaged by typhoon, flood, and other weather disturbances.  In some cases, carpets are displayed not for public showing or attracting attention and admiration but for deep cleaning and sanitation under the sun.  If you want to impress people with your excellent carpet cleaning activities by displaying clean carpets instead of dirty ones, here’s how to do it.

  1. Wipe and Clean Immediately.  The moment liquid are spilled, dust becomes visible, and mud and clay are still easy to remove, you should wipe the liquid, vacuum the dust, and wash the mud or clay.  Do not wait for the time that these will fully embedded into your carpets. Simple washing, vacuuming, and cleaning will do wonders with your carpets.  Thus, in the future when you want to hang your carpets over the fence for sanitation under the sun, your neighbor will see spotless carpets.
  2. Prepare Schedule On Carpet Cleaning Activities.  In order to extend the useful life of your carpets, wiping and cleaning dust, soil, dirt, mud, and clay ASAP is not enough.  One of the intimidating aspects of having carpets installed at home or in the office is of course maintenance.  Just like human beings and pets, it needs to be groomed so that fibers will remain fluffy, threads will continue to be strong, and colors will not fade.
  3. Deep Clean or Sanitise Carpets With The Help of Experts.  While one can do these rigid and strenuous tasks of keeping carpets bacteria and germ free, it is wise that you hire professional carpet cleaners for better results.  These experts have different methods of sanitising carpets which are appropriate to the kind of carpet you have in terms of materials, size, colors, and fibers.  With their expert cleaning strategies, you are guaranteed that your carpets will not be damaged.  Of course, you have also to be careful when choosing professional carpet cleaners or service companies.
  4. Do Not Forget To Teach Family Members Ideas on Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance.  Each member of the family has to do their own share of being responsible to help maintain carpets.  They are part of your homes and they cause traffic and can potentially harm and damage your carpets.  When these people are introduced to the difficulties of cleaning carpets, extending their life, and periodically maintaining them, family members will learn to exercise restraint and will be careful always so as not to damage carpets.

On top of these ideas, you need to research for more ideas that are helpful and applicable to your situation relative to carpets installed at home.  Just like picture hanging systems, home decorations, and yard maintenance, among others, it reflects your image and personality. Thus, carpet cleaning activities should be taken more seriously to avoid displaying dirty carpets in the public.


Four Steps on Effective Carpet Installations with Professional Carpet Installers

When you want to consider installing carpets at home, do not concentrate on carpet cleaning activities first but rather on how to install carpets effectively.  This means that carpets are properly laid down on the floor with respect to size, color, pattern, and other special conditions needed for carpet installation.  To do this, you need to hire a team of professional carpet installers.  How do you do it?

The first step of course is looking around and verifying reputable carpet installers.  Here are the things that you should look into:

  1.  Credentials. Just like with any professional household services, these people are also awarded with certificates and other forms of credentials to back up their claim on expertise and professionalism.  With that, you are guaranteed that the team of carpet installers have studied this industry and are very familiar with different installation methods relative to the type of carpets you want to install.
  2. References. When you interview carpet installers, do not forget to ask for references of previous work accomplished.  Check references and see their results.  When you have physical evidences of the work they have performed, it is easy for you to gauge and judge if the team is the one you are looking for in terms of installing your carpets.
  3. Back Job and Warranty. It is highly possible that you will find the installation wanting; thus, you need to clarify about back job and warranty.  What is the warranty period, what areas are covered in terms of back jobs? How much additional work will it cost or is it for free?  Do not forget to include insurance and liability in this aspect so that when unavoidable damages ensue, both client and carpet installers will know how to manage and attend to cost of repair.
  4. Installation Cost. Money is a sensitive matter.  Thus, prior to installation, you need to know actual cost and contingency cost so that you can prepare all materials needed to install the carpet.  In addition, you will not feel that you are getting the losing end of the bargain when the team of carpet installers will ask about additional requirements from time to time which require additional cash outlay for you.

The second step is to be informed on the mechanics of installation. You need to be knowledgeable about changes to be made in terms of furniture arrangement, adjustments on doors, windows, and walls, and other special concerns that need to be enumerated and attended prior to actual installation of carpets beforehand.

The third step is pre-installation preparation.  It means that you have to actualise the things needed for the second step.  This will avoid issues and concerns during carpet installation period.

The fourth step is to provide carpet installation schedule.  Everybody is busy; thus, a schedule will offer a smooth work flow for both client and carpet installers.

Easy to do, isn’t it? Browsing over the four steps, one can conclude that effective carpet installation only requires that both client and carpet cleaning or installation professionals will communicate with each other to clarify matters.  This way, issues and concerns are easily resolved and excellent results are achieved.