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The Nursing Profession in the Next Five Years

It is 2013, and nurses are more fashionable than ever as their nurse pouches become more colorful and stylish.  However, it is not of great importance when talking about the challenges of the nursing profession that lies ahead in the next five years.  At present, nurses are still one of the most exploited and underpaid profession in the world.  Thus, during conventions, seminars, and continuing education forum, this condition is always at the center of discussion and debate.  If we look forward to the years to come, what will be the conditions or situations nurses will be facing?

Robotics and Technology

Weeks ago, the Internet and print media was buzzing with news on finally creating “Bionic Man.”  While it was a scientific wonder, more critical nurses would definitely ponder on how this development will affect their work as medical assistants in hospitals not only in modern countries but the rest of the world as well.  Indeed, it is a threat when different fields of medicine and science are able to create robots and employ it as nurses in medical facilities and institutions.  Yes, one can argue that human touch is different; however, robots can be programmed for efficiency and they can be designed not to argue or talk back.

Vulnerability and Medical Protection

Five years from now, a cure for aids and cancer might be discovered, however, everyone knows that more damaging virus can be created and more potent than the present known virus induced sickness or illness.  As nurses, these people are at the frontline as receptors and transmitters of these new breed of disease.  Thus, recent concerns on salaries, insurances, health welfare, and work condition will level up to embrace new medical threats for nurses.  Five years from now, nurses might be the best paid worker in the planet because only few will be interested to become one and attend to patients with new incurable and more fatal or destructive disease.

Import and Export of Labor

Because citizens of most modern nations are terrified of new breed of diseases, they will stay away from the profession and these countries will export import nurses from Third World countries.  And poverty stricken nations will do everything to encourage its citizens to take up nursing and as a result, the nation is left with critical manpower in other professions and will import these people from other countries as well.  The challenge therefore is for each nation to balance manpower requirements and will create more negotiations, treaties, and pacts to balance the number of people employed in different professions.

Five years from now, nurse pouches might not be or are still en vogue because of the factors mentioned above.  However, as years go by, more pressing matters will hound nurses around the world.  It may affect their health, security, and lifestyle as well.  Nurses will demand more perks and benefits to offset professional hazards.  Nursing associations will formulate more rigid policies to protect their jobs in their respective countries.