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Limousine Services: Singapore to Johor Bahru

Because of its proximity to Singapore, the Singapore to Johor Bahru route has become one of the most popular cross-border destinations in the area.  As Johor Bahru or otherwise known as JB becomes a tourist Mecca in Malaysia due to its several theme parks, golf resorts, and other nature parks, more and more people are using this route to enter Malaysia not only for tourist reasons but for other purposes as well like business.

One of the most preferred means to travel via this route is using limousine services. It offers several advantages which other means of transportation do not provide like door to door delivery. Passengers also do not need to get down from the car when passing through immigration check points.  Aside from that, some of the most common features of limousine services are:

  • You will have an English speaking driver. If you are a foreign visitor and do not speak the local language, this is a very helpful feature for you.
  • Rates are toll free inclusive; thus, you do not have to worry about finding extra coins in your pockets or change to pay for custom charges for example.
  • Limousine service will give you 10 minutes allowance as pick up tip and additional SGD $10 for every ten minutes when time is up.
  • Your driver will definitely take you from agreed places you want to go based on the contract you signed with the limousine company.
  • The service car can be upgraded to accommodate the exact number of passengers that you bring along to your trip from Singapore to Malaysia via the causeway link.
  • As a rule, each passenger is allowed one medium suitcase and one small hand luggage to bring along with the trip using the limousine service.

Among other things you have to remember when you use this type of transportation going to Malaysia from Singapore are as follows:

  • You can book and pay online if you want to hire any of the limousine service providers available. Just ensure that you know ways on how to find reputable limo companies.
  • Limousine services are available 24/7. Booking and payment must be made a day in advance online. If you want to extend your travel as far as Malacca, limousine services require at least two days of advanced booking.
  • You also need to pay additional surcharge when you make several stops not specified during negotiation.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice; thus, do not be surprised that the there is an increase of rate from time to time.
  • Companies will also charge extra when there are several transfers made from one place to another not specified in the contract.

With these details, there are no reasons for you to encounter several hassles when you travel to Malaysia using the Singapore to Johor Bahru causeway link.  There are several limousine services to choose from which can cost you anywhere from SGD $150 to SGD $2200 depending on the type of limousine you want to use and the destinations you will visit.