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Social Media Integration with Your Practice Management Software

Marketing activities has never been exciting because of social media networks. These platforms have provided wider, deeper, and a more inexpensive arena to promote products and services.  Thus, it is not surprising that some practice management software have social media network applications or integration feature.  However, it is not universal.  It means that some of this software only entertains one network like Twitter. Thus, one needs additional efforts to connect with other social media sites to maximise online marketing activities.  How do you do it when you only have one application embedded in the software?

Let us assume that the software has only Twitter application or feature and from there, let us work on the suggestions.

  1. With only 140 characters needed to tweet people and followers, it is not enough when you have lots of things to say about your products and services.  So how do you maximise this application?  Simple, create a blog and every time you post the next article, videos, photos, and other interesting or informative content, tweet and include the URL address or shortcut tags so that those who are interested with further ideas from you will just click on the link and they will be directed to your blog.
  2. When you send SMS messages, emails, and other forms of electronic communications, do not forget to include web addresses or links to your Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts so that people and followers will just click on the link provided and presto! they will get to know your products and company better.
  3. Do not forget to update contents of your blog and other social media accounts or pages.  People click on the links provided in your SMS, emails, and tweets because they are convinced that you have something informative and relevant ideas to offer.  Thus, if you fail to give these conditions, your social media or Internet marketing efforts will gain negative results.  And it is even more difficult for people to urge them to visit your sites and pages again.
  4. Do try to offer rewards and incentives from time to time when people visit your pages and tweet it so that they will know.  It creates fun and excitement and people will always look forward to your next attractions and definitely, it is to your product and service advantage.
  5. Have patience, if doing so, it is as easy as saying or talking about it, churches would have been cathedrals and houses would have been palaces; so the old adage stated more or less.  In other words, do not expect financial rewards immediately.  It takes time so be patient.

Social media marketing and integration into your operations is relatively easy to do provided that you know how.  Your practice management software has already provided inroads on how to accomplish it by embedding one or two social media applications. You only have to complement it with your own online marketing initiatives and social media network activities like tweeting, posting, and uploading.