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Important Air Purifier Features That You Should Take Note of

Every time a new model of home appliances are introduced in the market, they often come with new features which help people perform household tasks easily and at the same time aid people in achieving a healthier lifestyle or prevent acquiring diseases and other forms of ailments due to contaminants around the house.  One type of home appliance that does this very well are air purifiers.  Yet the wide variety of models offered on the market makes people confused as to which particular kind of air purifier should be purchased.

What are important features of air purifiers that one should consider when buying?

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration or HEPA

An air purifier is a home appliance which decreases the concentration of airborne bacteria and germs in dwelling places.  Thus, the first important factor to consider when inspecting different types of air purifiers is to look for features that help clean indoor air and improve health issues among people suffering from allergies, asthma attacks, chemical sensitivities and other lung related complications. One should also take note about HEPA filtration (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration). It is a type of filter that captures even microscopic particles and gases or odors. The benchmark is to look for a type of air purifier which captures harmful particles such as dusts, pollen, mold spores, and other minute elements.  The more these things pass through the HEPA filter, the cleaner the air. Also, you have to ensure that the size of HEPA purifier is appropriate for the room designated.

Charged Media Filtration

However, not all small particles are captured by a HEPA filter, thus, different types of air purifier manufacturers install additional technological features such as charged media filters for cleaner indoor air.  It works like an electrostatic device where even .01 micron particles which pass through the filtration are trapped.  Charged Media Filtration is used by popular brands as they can produce a filter that does not generate ozone which is harmful to kids, elderly, and lung sensitive individuals. It has recently come out that units that used just electrostatic filtration are not nearly as effective as those that combine charging particles with HEPA filtration.

Fan Motor Capability

The fan motor attached to different types of air purifiers is also a very important factor when considering different your purchase.  The more air exchange occurs with the air purifier, the better it is.  However, for an effective air purifier, one should look at the size of fan motors attached as there are specific ratings that are required which complements the size of the area where your air purifier will be used.

 There are other technologies which air purifier manufacturers are installing for cleaner indoor air.  You have air purifiers that have ultraviolet technology as a complementary feature with HEPA filters to kill bacteria, mold spores, germs, and viruses, and photocatalytic filtration which helps break down VOC’s and micro-organisms.

Take note that the more features offered, the more expensive a product is likely to be, though this is not true in all cases. The XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Purifier by the company Surround Air manages to incorporate 7 different types of filtration and remains incredibly affordable. What you give up are heavy duty construction and fan motor power. It is still a capable unit, but you have to sacrifice something to get all these features.  So depending on the air quality issues in your particular living space, take these various filtration methods into consideration and make a wise purchasing decision.