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4 Benefits of Short Term Rental Temporary Housing

Hotels, motels, and inns are not the only accommodation options for family vacations.  There are many other short term rental vacation houses and apartments you can rent when you travel anywhere around the world for an extended period of time or when you go on a vacation with your family or friends.  The term is easy to understand as it is all about fixed rate for the whole duration of your stay in the city, say for example, weeks or a month.  There are several advantages that you can get using this type of accommodation and here are four of them:


It is more expensive to pay daily room rate instead of renting one full month on temporary houses.  And if you are lucky, you can find tenants who are open to negotiations. Using logic and charm, they might agree to lower the rentals on the temporary house or villa you are interested in.  Indeed, rental is negotiable.


One of the negative things you can say about hotels is the cold and impersonal ambience that you feel inside.  With temporary vacation houses, apartments, or villas, the feeling that you are living inside your home is always there and children will not have a hard time adjusting to the new environment as you are living in a house, not a just a hotel room with ample space and one window.  Homesickness is definitely out of place when you rent a temporary apartment, villa, or house.


You can choose any type of temporary house that you like; beach front, beside a lake, with camping trails, or just near the city. With hotels on the other hand, front desk will give you rooms based on availability and sometimes the ones with the best views are always taken.  Thus, if you have other specifications like color, style, and architecture, feel free to browse the Internet and look for vacant temporary housing where you are planning to stay. And there is no need to bring everything inside your house when you book one as there are furnished apartments or houses that you can rent on a short term basis.

Straight Forward Transactions

In some cases, you do not need real estate agents or lawyers to book for a temporary house or vacation villa.  In fact, there are those who are able to rent one based on the recommendations of their friends.  Sometimes, booking with agents or representatives involve lots of hassles and takes time for both parties to agree since these people are only given certain blanket of authority. So if you have requests that are not included in their authority, these people will beg for time and ask their client who is the owner of the house or villa.

If you are one of those people who are not fond of hotel living and prefer to maintain the personal touch of your home, short term rental temporary housing is definitely recommended.  Why not start enumerating your requirements for a start so that you will have a guide when you finally search for one as your family will go on vacation or your company on a business trip anytime soon?

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