Mistakes You Should Avoid When Taking Out a Payday Loan

Nothing can stop borrowers from taking a payday loan, not even the idea that it is expensive and one of the ways to sink deeper into debt traps.  However, this doesn’t mean that one should ignore their predicament and do not offer solutions to avoid being too dependent with payday loans or any type of instant loans.  One such solution is to inform these borrowers of the costly mistakes that they should avoid in order for this kind of loan to work for their advantage.

Here are the mistakes that borrowers should avoid:

  1. The first mistake borrowers commit when it comes to payday loans is rushing to apply for one. They did not think it over many times to analyze if they really need it, if they have ways or means to repay it, or find more convincing reasons to actually need it other than superficial reasons.
  2. The second mistake borrowers commonly make is that they do not investigate well and just accept the fact that it offers quick and easy loans. Borrowers do not find time to see if they are borrowing from a legitimate loan company; one that will not dupe borrowers with their money.  Borrowers do not find time to roam around the website of these companies and find more important details like if the company offers reasonable interest rates or if the loan application form details are complete.
  3. The third mistake borrowers often do is that they do not know their financial limits.  Because payday loans have easy approval mechanism and are not rigid, borrowers go for the kill and borrow more than what they can afford to pay. As a result, they end up paying more interests and surcharges and eventually ruining their credit history further.
  4. The fourth mistake is quite a surprise to many because most borrowers will treat this as just being forgetful.  This mistake is all about lack of information on hand when needed. It is important that you have all relevant details beside you when filling up loan application forms. Yes, it takes hours or even minutes to have payday loans approved but when you do not have your ID numbers or employer information at your fingertips, your loan approval will surely be delayed.
  5. The fifth mistake borrowers are guilty of is due to their excitement to receive loan proceeds, they forgot to double check important loan application data.  For example, some of them did not realize that the interest rates stated in the form are different from what is advertised in the website or that the terms and conditions reflected in form is totally different from what you agreed with.

You might think that some of these mistakes are trivial like failing to provide relevant information or by failing to double check payday loan application entries but it can still affect your payday loan application and these mistakes can be costly; you will end up paying something which you did not expected like higher interest rates or conditions not mentioned early on.

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What Not to Do with Regards to Auto Title Loans

Critics of auto title loans argue that this kind of loan is predatory.  It attacks on the weakness of borrowers, which is lack of money at the moment, and there are emergencies to pay and overdue bills to take care of.  The promise of convenience made some borrowers blinded with the negative side of this type of loan such as the repayment period is quite too short (at 30 days on the average), making it sometimes impossible for borrowers to pay it on time.  In fact, studies have shown that on the average, the loan is rolled over many times before it is repaid in full or the car is repossessed. Given these situations, it is important that borrowers should be aware of what not to do when taking out this kind of loan.

Do not borrow this kind of loan if the car is very important

Just think of the inconvenience you cause your family and of course the hassle that it will impact with regards to your professional life.  Do not compromise your personal and professional life just because you need extra money to solve short term problems.  How do you think your children will react if you can no longer fetch and drive them to school?  How do you think can you juggle your time riding a public transport system and meeting quite a number of clients during the day? Scary, isn’t it?

Avoid seeing a financial counselor

When you have already taken out a loan and see that you indeed cannot repay the loan on time, it is wise to see a financial adviser and help you deal with this problem.  He or she can negotiate loan moratorium and at the same time give you pointers on how to avoid this expensive loan in the future.

Not taking it seriously

Financial counselors are in the same wavelength telling everyone that borrowers are easily lured and trap with the idea of getting that extra cash from this kind of loan and did not fully analyze if they really needed it then.  Very often, their lack of understanding towards different methods on how to deal with overdue accounts and dated loans is one of the reasons why they succumb to instant loans instantly.  Again, financial counselors can help you negotiate with your creditors as they will remind your lenders of your rights as borrowers when you tend to struggle with your payments.

Not dealing with it face to face

When you are convinced that it will take time for you to repay the loan, be man enough to admit it and inform your creditors.  You will never know their reactions if you will not tell them so.  By telling them, you might be in for a surprise and they might offer you suspension of interests or give you more time to settle it without repossession.

Clearly, auto title loans are obligations that you have to deal with personally.  It is not something that you can ignore and let time run its course and wait for solutions to pop instantly and the loans will vanish.

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4 Tips on How to Make Your Toddler Child Physically Active

It is highly recommended for toddlers to be physically active for a few hours in a day.  This way, it will help them achieve balance in terms of weight and also find time to discover the things around them and about themselves.  It is also one way of giving them the desired independence they want.  However, there are some factors to consider when you want your child to be exposed with different toddler activities. Here are some tips on how to choose activities for them:

  1. First and foremost is that you have to know if the activity is toddler safe.  Find out if the game requires them to tackle bite sized toys which are definitely harmful for children.  Another thing to consider with regards to safety is that the activities involved should be appropriate to their age.  It will be frustrating for them if the activity is not suitable for their age level.
  2. Second, is that some physical activities that toddlers engage should require them to socialize with other children.  It is important that at a tender age, toddlers know how to engage with children not only of the same age but with kids whose ages are near from theirs.  This way, the child begins to develop social interaction and value the importance of other people in their lives.
  3. There are many different kinds of toddler activities and you should not forget that some have different purpose in mind.  Some are for intellectual stimulation and others are for social engagement but always see to it that whatever the activities’ purpose, it should never take the fun side of the activity.  It is your duty as a parent to provide toddlers with activities that will generate interest instead of insisting what you want to do for them.
  4. Do not forget simple activities that do not only encourage physical activity but also be conscious of their surroundings and learn something new each day such as:
    1. Walk in the neighbourhood, this is not only healthy for kids but also for parents.
    2. Go biking with them, the house is not only their world.  The neighbourhood is part of their world and biking with them explaining what to do and what not to do is one way to develop safety and security for toddlers.
    3. Flying a kite will expose toddlers. It does not only involve running, walking, jumping, and climbing.  You help them get exposed with one form of physical activity that do not require much energy but helps them relax too.

Remember that children have different levels of learning and development.  Your toddler child may not be physically active the way you want them to due to some limitations like health and physical formation.  In this situation, you have to be very careful when exposing them to different toddler activities.

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What Corporate Housing Offers

Corporate housing is one idea that made company accountants and business owners clap their hands due to so much elation.  You see, this kind of accommodation has solved many issues relevant to accommodating their staffs, managers, and executives.  Everyone knows that people in the company move around from one location to another to attend meetings and seminars, on the job training, or due to promotion.  Most often, temporary residences are one big problem for companies and business owners.  Here are what corporate housing offers:

Stress Free Relocation

Other than the fact that it saves companies from huge expenses from housing their employees in hotels, this kind of accommodation saves employees from temporary stress of finding a perfect place for him or her while adjusting to new territories.  As such, the new manager or employee can attend to a job orientation and succeeding professional activities as well because the problem of temporary accommodation is easily solved.

Customization at its Best

A lot of people do not realize that this kind of temporary residence can be customized according to preferences.  How is this so?  First, you have to relay what your preferences are in terms of temporary housing such as number of bedrooms, amenities you need like parking spaces, safe and secured location of the housing, and style.  Yes, you cannot undo what is already constructed but with a wide array of choices, you have one according to your specific liking.

Very Pocket Friendly

In most cases, the company will only shoulder accommodation so other living arrangements like laundry and food for example is for the employee or manager to deal with.  With temporary housing for corporate people, it is a very affordable convenience since you will not be paying for additional charges like service fee, value added tax, and other charges that you usually pay for in hotels like tips for example.  Most corporate shelters for executives are already equipped with kitchen and laundry area; thus, you can cook your preferred food and schedule your laundry activities without paying extra charges.

Best Locations Available

Temporary housing for company employees such as serviced apartments for that matter are usually situated in central business districts; thus, managers and employees will not have difficult time trying to reach many important destinations related to their professional and even personal aspects of their lives.   In fact, some people were even thankful that their temporary housing is just a walking distance from the office and it gives them traffic free day always; thus, they are in a good mood always when they report to their office.

It Feels Like Home

Today, companies and business owners are so sensitive to their employees’ needs so they will surely give the best company housing they can provide to their people.  With that, their employees and executives will not have their mind wander and miss their homes.  While they are accommodated temporarily in serviced apartments, this kind of accommodation do not have the cold atmosphere hotels are known about; thus, you have a feeling that you never left home.

Indeed, corporate housing is just more than a convenience.  It is indeed a winning solution for the company and its employees when you talk about temporary residences.

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I think it all started with Francis Ford Coppola and Peter Weir. Both had films about Asia to direct, and chose the Philippines to stand in for Vietnam and Indonesia, respectively. Having tasted a bit of Hollywood in her backyard, Imelda had the grandiose notion to turn Manila into the Cannes of the Pacific by starting an international film festival. In order to do so, she required a suitable venue for her envisioned Manila International Film Festival (MIFF).

That’s how the story of the Manila Film Center (MFC) began.

Having set a date of January 18, 1982 for the start of the festival, Imelda needed to get cracking on building her newest edifice. For her last major project at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Imelda passed over Leandro Locsin and…

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Are the Benitezes of PWU the new ‘Balasubas?’

PWU vs. STI. The Benitez clan is in hot water.

The Aristocratic Thieves

There has been a lot of drama going on in Taft recently, particularly in the Philippine Women’s University campus, which was suddenly locked down just this weekend. The decision to close the school came from the PWU management, composed mostly of VPs and managers, whose main qualification for the job is that they have to carry the name “Benitez” either in the middle name or preferably their family name.

They are led by the school president named—surprise, surprise – Francisco Benitez.

If you must know, the lockdown order was in response to PWU’s creditor, the STI group, which last December declared the university to be in default of its loan, which has ballooned to P928 million.

Instead of honoring their obligations, the Benitezes opted to cover everything up with this telenovela plot: The legacy of the 96-year-old university is being attacked by the STI group. They hid and continue to…

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A Car Title Loan is Not All About Losing Your Car

Issues and concerns about car title loan focus on the repossession aspect of the loan.  Borrowers and other people are aware that in case they cannot pay the loan on time and they have already exhausted their roll over privileges, the lending company will repossess the car as payment for the loan.  However, there are other interesting ideas about this kind of loan which other people are not aware of and might be a consideration when formulating state policies to govern car title loan and other similar forms of credits.

Poor Borrowers Are Good Payer

It has already been established in many academic studies that poor and regular borrowers tend to resolve their obligations as opposed to rich people.  This can be attributed to the fact that small borrowers have something bigger to lose when they cannot fulfil their loan obligations; they will find that no creditors will lend them money at the end of the day.  Rich people have assets to leverage and in fact some of their loans are pure accommodations by bank in order to show their CEOs that the bank is performing and loaded with rich clients.

Poor Borrowers Are Very Optimistic

The reason why millions of borrowers are not afraid of short term periods and high interest rates is because they are positive that they can repay any kind of loan that they will avail.  Thus, they are also not afraid to take out several loans from different loan companies.  In some studies, only a small percentage of borrowers were not able to repay the loan and almost 80 percent of instant loan borrowers fulfil their obligations.

Instant Loan Companies Are Not Particular with the Way Loans Are Allocated

Car title loan companies accept almost all kinds of reason when they decide to approve for a loan.  In addition, these companies do not monitor if borrowers really spend the loan proceeds on the reason stated.  Thus, the loan is prone to abuse and misuse and as a result, borrowers end up accumulating loans and credits and find themselves having difficulties meeting the obligations.  With this, it is important that car title loans companies will revise their policies on reasons for accommodating the loan in order to help borrowers avoid getting into debt traps.

Only a Small Percentage of Cars Were Repossessed

This could be due to the fact that poor and middle class borrowers have more to lose than rich people; hence, they are really moving heaven and earth to pay the loan.  Thus, it is not right to accuse car or auto title loans companies that they are exploitative.  Policy makers should look into this aspect if they want to help millions of borrowers get a better bargain when it comes to this kind of loan.

Based on the above ideas, you can conclude that a car title loan is not really that bad.  Some people just focus on one aspect of the loan and ignore other positive aspects like borrowers meeting their loan obligations and only a small percentage of cars were actually repossessed.

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