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How to Book for a Private Transport to Legoland Malaysia

Your family is excited to travel to Malaysia and see the well liked Legoland. Part of your activities is of course preparing itineraries and other travel essentials like passports and plane tickets. Other than these, you should not forget to book for private services like a car or van transport for your whole family or tour group. Do you have any idea how?


Why You Should Book it First?

Before that, you should know the importance of booking for transport services ahead. While there are available taxi, car rentals, and van services for hire or rent, you might contract a service provider with several issues as you travel from the airport to your hotel then to Legoland and other interesting destinations within the area. If you pre-booked your transport services, you will avail of the following benefits:

  • You are assured of a professional driver who drive your whole family safely during the Legoland trip. You can even ask interesting details about some of the sights you see as you go along the trip.
  • You are assured that the vehicle you are renting, whether it is a van or a sedan, is in good condition. Thus, there is no need to worry that the car will stop in the middle of the highway. Also, the chances of figuring in an unfortunate accident are very low. You can trust that your family will reach the destination unscathed.
  • You can negotiate for price and even select your own type of vehicle to use. When you book a transport service beforehand, you can search different car or transport services and compare their rates. It is also important, that the service you select has numerous choices so your family will have a conditioned vehicle to ride going to Legoland.

How to Book a Transport Service

Generally, your travel agent will take care of the transport service from the airport and to your other destination within the area. However, you can also do it on your own. Here’s how it’s done:

First, you must search online or seek recommendations from friends who used similar services before if you have no first-hand experience.

Second, compare and contrast the rates. You should equate the rates with features or services that go with it like driver included, side trips, gasoline, and overtime fees for drivers.

Third, check on their professionalism. You can do this by chatting or talking with a representative of the transport company over the phone. And from the responses, you can conclude if they are reliable or not.

Lastly, clarify shady matters first. If they can provide you with the contract, read the fine prints so you will not have issues that will affect the mood of your family members or dampen the happiness that the trip hopes to achieve.

Yes, indeed, Singapore to Legoland taxi transport services are one of the most important aspects of your travel that you should take care of.


A Salute to the Male Organ

In different parts of the world, festivals are staged for various reasons.  Generally, the reasons include thanksgiving for bountiful harvest, honoring saints and local heroes, showcasing local products, and remembering culture and traditions.  However, there are also places in the world which have weird reasons.  Take for example the Penis Festival in Japan. Every year during March 15, a little town in Nagoya called Komaki holds “Hounin or Kanamara Matsuri,” otherwise called “Penis Festival.”

Originally, the festival was celebrated to commemorate the legend about the defeat of a female demon which bites male organs.  The monks at that time manufactured a male organ made of steel and it caused to break the teeth of the female demon.” According to folklore, the festival find its origin way back in 1500 when a local maiden named Tamahime, a daughter of a rich man in Komaki, married a prince. While she married her prince husband, she chose to stay in Komaki to help her father develop their hometown. Each year then, Tamahime received the harvest of their subjects and a
600 pound penis effigy.

Fast forward to the present, the festival begins with a procession at two in the afternoon. A huge penis carved from a cypress tree approximately weighing four hundred kilos is paraded from one place of worship to another.  It is carried by nearly sixty strong males who occasionally stops to spin the huge phallus amid cheers and yells from the adoring crowd.  It is a requirement though that the male couriers of the phallus must be over forty years old and women who carry smaller penises must be at least thirty three years old.  These ages are considered to be unlucky because according to traditional beliefs, when you add two numbers it itranslated as “to die or disaster.”

After the parade, local folks and tourists have plenty of fun to choose from. There is a rice ball throwing rite.  Live bands are set up in strategic places where beer and food are served. There are also stalls that sell delicacies and candies shaped like a penis including pink penis lollipops and popsicles. At the culmination of the rites, three miniature shrines are paraded with a molded penis inside. People can have a closer look with the carved penis and rub or hug it. 

Penis Festival in Japan
Due to its popularity around Japan, the festival is now used to create awareness on issues like sexually transmitted diseases.  In fact, a lot of fund raising activities for AIDS research are conducted during the festivities.  Traditionally, the festival is not a salute to the male organ but rather it is to signify fertility and growth.  The phallus is deemed to be a symbol of growth in Japan.  Over the years, the festival has turned from a cultural tradition to a penis celebration. People can have a grand time playing with, rubbing against, and hugging the wooden effigy as well as its smaller version.  Locals and tourists are more excited to see the latest penis like stuffs sold or given as freebies.  

What Corporate Housing Offers

Corporate housing is one idea that made company accountants and business owners clap their hands due to so much elation.  You see, this kind of accommodation has solved many issues relevant to accommodating their staffs, managers, and executives.  Everyone knows that people in the company move around from one location to another to attend meetings and seminars, on the job training, or due to promotion.  Most often, temporary residences are one big problem for companies and business owners.  Here are what corporate housing offers:

Stress Free Relocation

Other than the fact that it saves companies from huge expenses from housing their employees in hotels, this kind of accommodation saves employees from temporary stress of finding a perfect place for him or her while adjusting to new territories.  As such, the new manager or employee can attend to a job orientation and succeeding professional activities as well because the problem of temporary accommodation is easily solved.

Customization at its Best

A lot of people do not realize that this kind of temporary residence can be customized according to preferences.  How is this so?  First, you have to relay what your preferences are in terms of temporary housing such as number of bedrooms, amenities you need like parking spaces, safe and secured location of the housing, and style.  Yes, you cannot undo what is already constructed but with a wide array of choices, you have one according to your specific liking.

Very Pocket Friendly

In most cases, the company will only shoulder accommodation so other living arrangements like laundry and food for example is for the employee or manager to deal with.  With temporary housing for corporate people, it is a very affordable convenience since you will not be paying for additional charges like service fee, value added tax, and other charges that you usually pay for in hotels like tips for example.  Most corporate shelters for executives are already equipped with kitchen and laundry area; thus, you can cook your preferred food and schedule your laundry activities without paying extra charges.

Best Locations Available

Temporary housing for company employees such as serviced apartments for that matter are usually situated in central business districts; thus, managers and employees will not have difficult time trying to reach many important destinations related to their professional and even personal aspects of their lives.   In fact, some people were even thankful that their temporary housing is just a walking distance from the office and it gives them traffic free day always; thus, they are in a good mood always when they report to their office.

It Feels Like Home

Today, companies and business owners are so sensitive to their employees’ needs so they will surely give the best company housing they can provide to their people.  With that, their employees and executives will not have their mind wander and miss their homes.  While they are accommodated temporarily in serviced apartments, this kind of accommodation do not have the cold atmosphere hotels are known about; thus, you have a feeling that you never left home.

Indeed, corporate housing is just more than a convenience.  It is indeed a winning solution for the company and its employees when you talk about temporary residences.

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4 Benefits of Short Term Rental Temporary Housing

Hotels, motels, and inns are not the only accommodation options for family vacations.  There are many other short term rental vacation houses and apartments you can rent when you travel anywhere around the world for an extended period of time or when you go on a vacation with your family or friends.  The term is easy to understand as it is all about fixed rate for the whole duration of your stay in the city, say for example, weeks or a month.  There are several advantages that you can get using this type of accommodation and here are four of them:


It is more expensive to pay daily room rate instead of renting one full month on temporary houses.  And if you are lucky, you can find tenants who are open to negotiations. Using logic and charm, they might agree to lower the rentals on the temporary house or villa you are interested in.  Indeed, rental is negotiable.


One of the negative things you can say about hotels is the cold and impersonal ambience that you feel inside.  With temporary vacation houses, apartments, or villas, the feeling that you are living inside your home is always there and children will not have a hard time adjusting to the new environment as you are living in a house, not a just a hotel room with ample space and one window.  Homesickness is definitely out of place when you rent a temporary apartment, villa, or house.


You can choose any type of temporary house that you like; beach front, beside a lake, with camping trails, or just near the city. With hotels on the other hand, front desk will give you rooms based on availability and sometimes the ones with the best views are always taken.  Thus, if you have other specifications like color, style, and architecture, feel free to browse the Internet and look for vacant temporary housing where you are planning to stay. And there is no need to bring everything inside your house when you book one as there are furnished apartments or houses that you can rent on a short term basis.

Straight Forward Transactions

In some cases, you do not need real estate agents or lawyers to book for a temporary house or vacation villa.  In fact, there are those who are able to rent one based on the recommendations of their friends.  Sometimes, booking with agents or representatives involve lots of hassles and takes time for both parties to agree since these people are only given certain blanket of authority. So if you have requests that are not included in their authority, these people will beg for time and ask their client who is the owner of the house or villa.

If you are one of those people who are not fond of hotel living and prefer to maintain the personal touch of your home, short term rental temporary housing is definitely recommended.  Why not start enumerating your requirements for a start so that you will have a guide when you finally search for one as your family will go on vacation or your company on a business trip anytime soon?

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Limousine Services: Singapore to Johor Bahru

Because of its proximity to Singapore, the Singapore to Johor Bahru route has become one of the most popular cross-border destinations in the area.  As Johor Bahru or otherwise known as JB becomes a tourist Mecca in Malaysia due to its several theme parks, golf resorts, and other nature parks, more and more people are using this route to enter Malaysia not only for tourist reasons but for other purposes as well like business.

One of the most preferred means to travel via this route is using limousine services. It offers several advantages which other means of transportation do not provide like door to door delivery. Passengers also do not need to get down from the car when passing through immigration check points.  Aside from that, some of the most common features of limousine services are:

  • You will have an English speaking driver. If you are a foreign visitor and do not speak the local language, this is a very helpful feature for you.
  • Rates are toll free inclusive; thus, you do not have to worry about finding extra coins in your pockets or change to pay for custom charges for example.
  • Limousine service will give you 10 minutes allowance as pick up tip and additional SGD $10 for every ten minutes when time is up.
  • Your driver will definitely take you from agreed places you want to go based on the contract you signed with the limousine company.
  • The service car can be upgraded to accommodate the exact number of passengers that you bring along to your trip from Singapore to Malaysia via the causeway link.
  • As a rule, each passenger is allowed one medium suitcase and one small hand luggage to bring along with the trip using the limousine service.

Among other things you have to remember when you use this type of transportation going to Malaysia from Singapore are as follows:

  • You can book and pay online if you want to hire any of the limousine service providers available. Just ensure that you know ways on how to find reputable limo companies.
  • Limousine services are available 24/7. Booking and payment must be made a day in advance online. If you want to extend your travel as far as Malacca, limousine services require at least two days of advanced booking.
  • You also need to pay additional surcharge when you make several stops not specified during negotiation.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice; thus, do not be surprised that the there is an increase of rate from time to time.
  • Companies will also charge extra when there are several transfers made from one place to another not specified in the contract.

With these details, there are no reasons for you to encounter several hassles when you travel to Malaysia using the Singapore to Johor Bahru causeway link.  There are several limousine services to choose from which can cost you anywhere from SGD $150 to SGD $2200 depending on the type of limousine you want to use and the destinations you will visit.

5 National Parks to Visit this Spring

The United States is actually full of natural beauty. Every state has relatively untouched gems in the form of national parks, and spring is a wonderful time to strap on your hiking boots and get to know them.

Aside from being beautiful and good for your possibly-soot-caked lungs, national parks offer other bonuses as well: they’re inexpensive to enter, many offering camping opportunities, and they’re pet friendly. If your idea of camping is staying at the Holiday Inn, you’re also in luck – March through May is shoulder season for a lot of regions that are primarily summer destinations. That means hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other pursuits involving cash are available at half their normal prices, sometimes even less.

For a gorgeous springtime experience, try visiting the following national parks. Book before May, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the parks AND the local area before their high summer season starts.

Zion National Park/Bryce Canyon/Grand Canyon

Located in southern Utah, Zion National Park and the surrounding area can easily eat up two weeks of vacation. Bryce Canyon to the northeast and the Grand Canyon to the south are within 3-4 hours of each other and are easily drivable through some of the most beautiful southwestern scenery there is.

Traveling to the southwest during the spring is advisable for three reasons. One, it’s hot during the summer. Traveling during the spring allows you to be outside longer in milder temperatures, which hang around the pleasant 80s to low 90s. Two, spring is the rainy season in this area, which means the canyons walls are dripping with wildflowers and lush growth. You won’t see that sight any other time of year. Three, the area can be expensive, especially at the Grand Canyon area resorts.

There are camping and outdoor activity options galore, and if you are the type that likes to drive through and see nature from the comfort of your car, or you are traveling with those who have physical limitations, you will be equally impressed.

Shenandoah National Park

Spring is a time for nature to renew itself, and Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park is a shining example.

Unlike many parks, which are full of difficult hikes that are safe only for seasoned outdoors veterans, almost anyone can meander across the valley floor of Shenandoah National Park. During the months of April, May and June, the valley is bathed in color from the wildflowers and flowering trees, and wildlife enthusiasts can see a variety of migrating birds and newborn animals.

Nature walks, biking and fishing are just a few of the activities offered in the park and surrounding areas, although it might be a bit chilly at night still for the more casual campers. Never fear, though, because the opportunity to soak up the unspoiled atmosphere from a small cabin in the woods more than makes up for it.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park       

Speaking of cabins in the woods, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee and North Carolina is the perfect place to find one and settle in. This national park is home to more wildflower species than any other in the country, and nearly all of them are bursting into bloom this time of year, when the snow-melt from the mountain peaks saturates the ground. Because these flowers can only be seen for a few months a year, the park hosts the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage each year to get visitors in touch with the colorful blooms.

The GSMNP is a hiker’s dream, with more than 800 miles of hiking trails ranging from very easy to whatever-you-do-don’t-trip. Springtime at this elevation is still a bit cool, but a couple layers of light clothing will have you set for a day of outdoor activities or just basking in the natural beauty of the area. Although not widely advertised, the GSMNP is home to some of the United States’ most gorgeous waterfalls.

If you’re looking for a longer trip with some of the most amazing scenery you will see anywhere, the Blue Ridge Parkway connects Shenandoah National Park with Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s FREE to enter the park. The only fees are for camping or overnight backpacking trips.

National parks are great for vacationing with the family or embarking on a rigorous outdoor journey. There’s a reason they were preserved in the first place. They’re all either free or inexpensive and they offer opportunities for some real family interaction.

Article reprinted with permission via attraction discounts website The site also features reviews, tips, and other information on popular destinations.

Bay of Fires Walk with Life’s an Adventure

What’s the fuss with Bay of Fires walkWhy is it all over travel sites? Why are your friends and acquaintances talking about it? In this article, we will tell you exactly why walking is so much more than what it was intended for and why this is the ideal place to walk.

If you haven’t discovered how walking can be both a healthy experience as much as a travel and tour opportunity; then you’re missing out a lot. Walking helps burn fats as much as other physical activities do but is not as tiring.

So if you’re looking for a healthy escapade which features walking, then Tasmanian walks such as in Bay of Fires can be one of the options available for you. But why choose this place? Here is what you’ll expect on the actual conservation area:

  • white sand beaches
  • orange boulders
  • emerald and sapphire hued waters
  • azure sky
  • thick forests

Not to mention the fact that this place was named as one of the hottest travel destination by Lonely Planet, a world renowned global travel guide in 2009.

Why choose Life’s an Adventure? There are numerous travel companies inside and outside Australia offering this option. But you’ve stumbled upon this company when searching for “Bay of Fires walk” right? In fact, search engines like Google lists this site among the top 3 for the key phrase mentioned as of this writing. If you’ve read what clients testified about in relation to packages offered by this company, then you’d know what to expect. But for more information, here are reasons why you should choose this tour service when you decide to experience an escapade in Bay of Fires:

  • walking experience extended up to 3 days
  • camping under the stars with a water beach front accommodation including native Tasmanian meals; special dietary needs are also met provided that touring party informs the company about it beforehand
  • professional local tour guides who are very familiar with the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the area
  • bags are transported free of charge daily so you won’t have to worry about excess baggage when walking
  • all equipment and tools needed are provided when you choose the deluxe package
  • free pass to the National Park
  • free return transfers from Bay of Fires and Launceston
  • special rates for a group tour (10 people maximum each time)

For more information on the inclusions added in each package offered as well as other details needed, you may refer to Life’s an Adventure’s website at

If you’ve decided to try walking for a change, we suggest for you to book a hike and travel between September and April where the weather permits this type of outdoor activity. But before you finally start your journey, there are physical preparations you need to undergo first. Life’s an Adventure also offers skills clinics classes which will prepare you for your Bay of Fires walking adventure.