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Tips on Buying Cashmere Clothing Online

By Natasha Howells

How many pieces of cashmere do you have in your wardrobe? Maybe you have a cashmere scarf or some cashmere cardigans; perhaps you have even given cashmere scarves as gifts. However most women don’t have any cashmere but now there is no reason not to own some cashmere clothing. Cashmere clothing comes in all price points, styles, colors and is easy to take care of. Wearing cashmere will make you look and feel your best.

These days many stores, both on-line shops and brick and mortar stores, are carrying designer cashmere in their ready to wear sections and women are buying it for everyday wear. Did you know you can find cashmere dresses, cashmere shorts or a cashmere tunic? All of these can be found in great styles. Cashmere tops come in scoop neck, turtleneck, v-neck and henley styles. They are not just in solid colors either. You can get fun stripes, feminine florals and the usual basic solid colors.

For the ultimate in comfort, you should try some luxury cashmere shorts or pants. They are perfect for a day out shopping or lounging around the house. Paired with a cashmere top, you will feel like you have never felt better! You can easily dress these up or down. Wear your pants to the office with a classy top or wear them with a hoodie while you hang out around the house with your family.

For a great treat, buy yourself some cashmere skirts or dresses in a color or print that suits your style. The cashmere body of the dress will feel sensational against your body and you will feel amazing wearing it. The fabric drapes nicely over your body and long cashmere skirt will give the allusion of long legs. A great outfit will always give you a boost of confidence.

Cashmere shrugs are perfect for summertime if you work in an air conditioned building which you find a bit too cool at times. It’s small enough to keep in your desk or hand bag and will keep you warm in just the right areas without adding bulk. Chose a basic color that will go with the majority of your clothes for the maximum in versatility. Cashmere stoles or a cashmere vest are also great for layering when it is cool inside or during the winter. The fibers in cashmere will keep you just as warm as your old wool sweater from Aunt Bertha, but without the bulk or the funny color.

While cashmere can be taken to the dry cleaners, for most women, it would be easier to spend a few minutes hand washing it with a mild detergent at home rather than exposing it to harsh chemicals at the cleaners. Just place your garment into a large bowl, add mild detergent (one that is appropriate for cashmere), fill the bowl with lukewarm water and let sit for 20 minutes. Squeeze the soap suds through the garment and rinse with more water. Gently press the water out and lay it out on a flat surface to dry flat. It’s not difficult and it will keep your cashmere garment in tip top condition for years.

There are hundreds of options for buying cashmere clothes which won’t break the bank. When you buy cashmere online you can chose from a variety of cashmere clothes that will make you look and feel gorgeous!

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4 Advantages of Wearing Medical Scrubs That You May Not be Aware Of

Nursing and medical uniforms have changed.  For doctors, they are no longer wearing coat and tie to their workplace but instead wear the most comfortable medical scrubs they can buy.  As for nurses, not many female ones are constantly wearing their traditional uniform; white blouse and skirt with white cap.  Nurses at these times prefer to wear nursing scrubs since it is most comfortable for them. There are some intrinsic reasons why the medical world prefers these kinds of working clothes instead of the traditional ones.

Low Maintenance Factor

It cannot be denied that scrubs are easy to maintain.  It does not need special cleaning solutions to make it stiffer.  The only thing that is required is to sanitise it so germs, bacteria, and viruses embedded during work time will be removed and scrubs will remain hygienic always.  In addition, one does not need to accessorize it in order to look dignified. A stethoscope hanging around the neck and a pen is enough for patients to recognize you either as a nurse or as a doctor.

Lots of Savings Factor

Because it is low maintenance, laundry, acquisition, and maintenance cost is also low.  There are different brands which are both affordable and durable.  When you want to wash it, all you need to do is set it with hot water first before applying detergent and sanitizing solutions.  You do not need to starch it to make it stiff for you to look very formal and professional in it. There are no special washing requirements like using a specific kind of brush and detergents or other cleaning solutions.  You can easily slip into it; thus, you can wear it with ease during emergency situations and rush hour period during your shifts.  So, it saves you time, money, and lots of uncomfortable situations.

Leaves You More Accessible

Because you are not wearing your traditional uniform, there is a higher tendency that patients will be more relaxed with you.  This is why paediatric nurses wear Disney character printed scrubs so that children will feel comfortable while the nurse is attending for them.  Other patients feels like talking to a friend or neighbor because of the informality of the scrubs.  They see you in clothes that they themselves feel comfortable wearing.

It Still Gives the Same Differentiation Factor

Even though people were used to seeing nurses and doctors in their traditional uniforms, the sight of these people in different scrub suits do not diminish the respect that conventional uniforms give to the medical profession.  Patients are still aware who are the doctors, nurses, and other medical employees by virtue of colors of scrubs or by the accessories hanging around the scrubs.  People and patients are still glad that only the uniforms have changed but not the medical care they deserve.

For as long as it is germ free and comfortable, there won’t be issues with nurses and doctors wearing medical scrubs as their alternative uniforms.

The Nursing Profession in the Next Five Years

It is 2013, and nurses are more fashionable than ever as their nurse pouches become more colorful and stylish.  However, it is not of great importance when talking about the challenges of the nursing profession that lies ahead in the next five years.  At present, nurses are still one of the most exploited and underpaid profession in the world.  Thus, during conventions, seminars, and continuing education forum, this condition is always at the center of discussion and debate.  If we look forward to the years to come, what will be the conditions or situations nurses will be facing?

Robotics and Technology

Weeks ago, the Internet and print media was buzzing with news on finally creating “Bionic Man.”  While it was a scientific wonder, more critical nurses would definitely ponder on how this development will affect their work as medical assistants in hospitals not only in modern countries but the rest of the world as well.  Indeed, it is a threat when different fields of medicine and science are able to create robots and employ it as nurses in medical facilities and institutions.  Yes, one can argue that human touch is different; however, robots can be programmed for efficiency and they can be designed not to argue or talk back.

Vulnerability and Medical Protection

Five years from now, a cure for aids and cancer might be discovered, however, everyone knows that more damaging virus can be created and more potent than the present known virus induced sickness or illness.  As nurses, these people are at the frontline as receptors and transmitters of these new breed of disease.  Thus, recent concerns on salaries, insurances, health welfare, and work condition will level up to embrace new medical threats for nurses.  Five years from now, nurses might be the best paid worker in the planet because only few will be interested to become one and attend to patients with new incurable and more fatal or destructive disease.

Import and Export of Labor

Because citizens of most modern nations are terrified of new breed of diseases, they will stay away from the profession and these countries will export import nurses from Third World countries.  And poverty stricken nations will do everything to encourage its citizens to take up nursing and as a result, the nation is left with critical manpower in other professions and will import these people from other countries as well.  The challenge therefore is for each nation to balance manpower requirements and will create more negotiations, treaties, and pacts to balance the number of people employed in different professions.

Five years from now, nurse pouches might not be or are still en vogue because of the factors mentioned above.  However, as years go by, more pressing matters will hound nurses around the world.  It may affect their health, security, and lifestyle as well.  Nurses will demand more perks and benefits to offset professional hazards.  Nursing associations will formulate more rigid policies to protect their jobs in their respective countries.

Which Type of Bra to Wear for Different Occasions and Situations

One of the problems when you want to dress right in every occasion you intend to attend is wearing the right kind of dress, accessories, and intimate apparels like bras.  Oh yes! There are lots of which to choose, from Berlei Barely There bras to more popular ones like Triumph bras.  However, any woman can become conscious about which one to wear or buy if her closet does not have the most appropriate bra to wear in different types of occasions and situations.  A list of suggestion is therefore important.  Below are some ideas when it comes to wearing appropriate and right bras.


The size of the bra can make a big difference.  When one wears a pair of bra which is not quite right in terms of fit, rest assured that the difference will be visible.  For example, big breasted women who would want to wear a teen size bra will show shrugging shoulders, small breasted women trying to enhance their size and wears large sized bras will find themselves having the bulge without the cleavage and women who wants to parade their mammary equipment yet wearing tiny yellow polka dot bikini bras will find themselves vulnerable to smirks, quirks, and a quick laugh.


Some women are sensitive when some males tend to be breast fixated.  And the reason men are staring at their breasts is that they wear a black bra underneath a flimsy and revealing blouse.  Of course, it is natural for men to stare at something which is visibly erotic. Try going braless when you wear a revealing blouse, there is a high chance that the male population will be interested and aroused with what is inside the blouse and the bra.  The point is that this intimate piece of lingerie should not be a source of temptation and seduction in usual normal activities like riding in an automated transit system, sipping a cup of coffee in a café, or just simply acting as a staff, employee or personal assistant in a company.


The reason why women have several types of bras in their closet is that they should have the right kind of bra to suit different kinds of purpose.  For example, they might not be able to own a lace bra for seduction purpose, but they may possess a colorful bra that is hormone inducing for their male partner.  Seduction is not confined in the bedroom; in fact, a woman can seduce someone in parks, elevators, kitchen, bathroom or other places.  A woman just needs to know which right bra is ideal for seducing a partner in different types of situations.  Another example is that how do you convince a male partner when he is too tired and weary?

You might have owned or will want to buy Berlei Barely There bra, but the question is; are you up to challenge when it comes to selecting different kinds of bra? Yes, indeed, personal ego, pride, and recognition does also matter when it comes to choosing the right kind of bra for you.