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Screenshots from Imelda: Power, Myth and Illusion by Ramona S. Diaz

(NB: Manila Film Center tragedy starts at 04:30)

I think it all started with Francis Ford Coppola and Peter Weir. Both had films about Asia to direct, and chose the Philippines to stand in for Vietnam and Indonesia, respectively. Having tasted a bit of Hollywood in her backyard, Imelda had the grandiose notion to turn Manila into the Cannes of the Pacific by starting an international film festival. In order to do so, she required a suitable venue for her envisioned Manila International Film Festival (MIFF).

That’s how the story of the Manila Film Center (MFC) began.

Having set a date of January 18, 1982 for the start of the festival, Imelda needed to get cracking on building her newest edifice. For her last major project at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Imelda passed over Leandro Locsin and…

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